Fall Fair

The fall fair is here, and you can play many games and earn tickets. The amount of tickets you get resets to zero every time you log off, but you can get some prizes. The feathered tiara for 1, 200 tickets, the cotton candy for 600 tickets, the pin for 100 tickets, and the background for 400 tickets. This is all located at the prize stand in the plaza. Ballistic Biscuit has been renamed Hydro Hopper and CP is decorated for the event. Rockhopper left but will be returning soon, I think.


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Rockhopper is back

Rockhopper is back and has brought the eyepatch again. He also brought with him a strange outfit, a pirate flag, and a large but still miniature version of a pirate ship to put in your igloo. The pin is a jellyfish, and is located on the couch in the ski lodge. The 100th magazine was released on Thursday, and the boiler room is decorated for it. (The boiler room is found by entering the top right speaker in the dance club. ) Enjoy, and happy late new year to anyone who celebrated it this week.

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Sport Shop Upgrade!

Well, the Sport Shop is so special it has its own items that acually fit the name of the shop! Woah! I didn’t see that coming! But these sports items are pretty nice. Wakeboards and Surfboards! =D Ehh, and some furniture items but they’re all from a while ago. Even the scenery of the shop has changed. You may not notice it, though. They also brought back the green caps and the pink ones, and two old backgrounds, along with one new one.

 The baseball pin is located in the bottom corner of the Boiler Room, on the … um …. boiling thing, and that’s pretty much it for new stuffs.

 There’s this cool new fan game being made, Waddle World. It’s under construction at the moment, but if you want to be a beta tester, or if you think you have some talent that could be useful to the gamemakers, feel free to join the forum waddeworldltd.fullboards.com .

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A new furniture catalog has come out, and Rockhopper has left. The camping party is here, and the free item is a marshie-mallow on a stick, which you can get at the cove. They aren’t in a box though, they’re in a bag. Rockhopper has also left some boxes in the lighthouse which won’t open until the fall. That’s pretty much it. Sorry for not posting for so long.

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Late, late post

Unfortunately my power went out this week and my computer messed up, so I wasn’t on. An avalanche happened on the Ski Hill and there’s a new mission too, for the secret agents. No one died, but this is a kids game, plus if I were a staff member, I wouldn’t waste my time to create a fictional character only to kill them immediately.

 Also, school starts for me this week, so I’m going to cut my computer time by a lot. I’ll only come on once a week on CP and only expect to see a new post every week or so, probably sometime in the morning on Fridays.

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Rockhopper is here!

Rockhopper is here, and sorry this post is a day late.

He has brought back the treasure chest furniture item, and has brought a pink viking helmet and a new background. Also, the free item is a fishing pole.

If you find Rockhopper, he no longer gives out eyepatches. He gives out backgrounds now.


July 28, 2007 at 2:03 pm 2 comments


I’m back from vacation! 😀 But now I have 1,000 hits! Yay!

I managed to get on a couple of times the second week of my vacation. The first week, I had dial-up internet or something like that, which didn’t work for Club Penguin. The next week, our neighbors let us use their internet a little, so I got the water party items, the umbrella hat, and the blue floaties, which are gone now.

The new furniture and igloo catalog came out, with a different underwater theme. You can turn your igloo into a fish bowl, and there are many underwater items to go with it. Also, if you decorate your igloo to be the most underwater-like, you have a chance of winning 10,000 coins. Good luck to everyone!

The underground area of club penguin is open again, and no longer flooded. The skies are clear again, and Rockhopper is coming back. 😀

Also, I go on Frozen more than Mammoth now, but I still go on Mammoth sometimes.


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